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Our park is a private, members only waterfront property located
on the beautiful southwest coast of Vancouver Island - 43 kilometers
from Victoria BC Canada and 7 kilometers from Sooke. 

Click here to learn more about the Sooke and Victoria areas.

The property located at 7899 West Coast Road is registered with the "Land Title and Survey Authority" as 'Otter Point Recreational Cooperative Association' (OPRCA).  

This flat, 6.63 acre parcel has spectacular south facing views of the Salish Sea and Olympic Mountain Range.  There are 108 'campsites' located on either side of interior roads and one Caretaker's site (with a mobile home residence located at the front gate area).  All sites are serviced with water, electricity and septic tank sewage.  Operating expenses (except individual site electricity) are shared by all members.

The park is open and available for use year round. 

However, the number of nights a lot can be occupied
(and that a person can stay in the park) is limited to 182 days

per calendar year and it can not be used as a permanent residence. 
This is strictly enforced.  

Park History & Incorporation

On July 31, 1979, land developer - 'Otter Point Lands Ltd.' was incorporated with a view to developing and marketing the the property as a recreational vehicle park.  The 'Otter Point Recreational Cooperative Association'  was incorporated on July 15, 1980 as a vehicle through which shareholders could use and enjoy the property.

The total number of shares is 13,442.  Sites sizes vary but each is approximately 1200 square feet. Buyers purchase shares in the OPRCA and own the number of shares that correspond to their lot.  There are six categories of shares:

1.  90 shares          2. 105 shares          3.  117 shares         4. 127 shares         5. 137 shares          6. 180 shares

Click here to see the share breakdown by lot.

Property Management & Administration

The OPRCA employs 'Associa British Columbia Inc.' to administer day to day tasks such as:  Invoicing and bill payments, communications to/from members, acquiring vendor estimates and arranging for maintenance work in the park, preparing for and chairing Directors' and Annual General meetings and supporting the onsite Caretaker.

It is important to note that ALL decisions regarding all aspects of the running of the park are made by the Board of Directors (on behalf of the members).  The Board works closely with the Property Manager (PM).

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